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Popular this year will be engraved on Nike Air Mag still Nike days ago without hearing a word about, but with the Mag color classic as the prototype, the creation of a double Dunk Low SB shoe designers use gray shoes overall rendering, ink decorative details, the collocation water blue transparent sole and insole, references fly in a film actor at the foot of the shoe, at present no sale information exposed, interested friends may wish to continue to focus on our follow-up reports.The day before to introduce the Nike Hyperdunk 2015 "LA" message, as most representative combat shoes, it has by virtue of a secular and detached appearance design, high combat performance has been my sneaker love. Today's network brings us a group of Nike Hyperdunk 2015 top foot atlas, through the picture we can see it for the basketball field and the spirit of the birth, there is no color sale information expose cheap jordans online d, interested friends please continue to pay attention to our follow-up seem particularly popular in the circle of red color shoes, Gel Lyte V, Gel Kayano Trainer EVO with full red tone rendering. which do you prefer, compared to Gel Lyte V? recently in Japan's spring tide store pop shoes brand LOSERS, before the establishment of the brand, its designer SNEAKER WOLF has been MIT, Nike and other invited to participate in illustration design. LOSERS brand shoes, toe V design as to the largest clogs called features, each pair of shoes are made by hand stick in Japan, showing its persistence and intentions, interested friends can try to Invincible. 2012-12-26 15:05 upload and download attachments (90.42 KB) 2012-12-26 upload and download attachments at 15:05 (147.67, KB) 2012-12-26 upload and download attachments at 15:05 (115.82, KB) 2012-12-26 upload and dow Retro jordans for sale nload attachments at 15:05 (108.95, KB) 2012-12-26 upload and download attachments at 15:05 (119.15, KB) Puma ( Puma ) brand introduction:Puma ( Puma ) is the world famous sports brand. Puma ( Puma ) shoes and clothing is extremely welcome all over the world young people in hip-hop graffiti culture. At the same time, Adidas puma ( Puma ) and ( Adidas ) is more representative of the 1970 and 1980's hip hop culture.Puma ( Puma ) has the first line in the world within the scope of the appeal and influence. Puma ( Puma ) with Diego Billy to enter the World Cup finals, with tennis player Beck to rule the roost in the Wimbledon lawn. And the players together the top and constantly in pursuit of the latest technology to create the best sports equipment.In 1948, puma ( Puma ) by founder Rudolf Dassler ( Rudolf Dassler ) was established in the German Dutch rope gold Lawler ( Herzogenaurach ). In Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 1986 the puma (Puma ) to join the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchange. Today puma ( Puma ) has more than 3200 employees, products are exported to more than 80 countries in 2003, the assets of the company reached 1200000000 euros. For decades, puma (Puma ) has been moving in circles in the role, in recent years more successful combination of fashion / movement, jumped to the young people most loves one brand.Puma ( Puma ) spokesman:Shawn Yue, Elva Hsiao, Buffon ( Gianluigi Buffon ), Frederic Berri ( Fredrik Ljungberg ) . The permanent, Eto'O ( Samuel Eto'o ), Stam ( Jaap Stam ), Robert Pillay ( Robert Pires ), Hasselbaink ( Jerrel Floyd Hasselbaink ), Sylvain Wiltord Hildebrand, Kevin Kuranyi ( Kevin Kuranyi ), Owen Hargreaves ( Owen Hargreaves ), ( Costinha ), Costinha Jan Dahl Thomassen ( Jon Dahl Tomasson ), James Beattie ( James Beattie ), Yang Chen, Bailey ( Pele ).Puma ( PUMA ) events:I Cheap air jordan 12 ovo n 1924 his brother Rudolf Dassler ( Rudolf Dassler ), brother Adolf Dassler ( Adolf Adi Dassler ) to establish " Dassler brothers " shoe factory. The bathroom first pair of football shoes original design in the home, use wood small nail inspiration manufacturing and obtained a patent.Shoe factory was born in 1935, began mass production, but the conflict between brothers began.In 1936 the United States men athletes Jesse Owens ( Jesse Owens ) wearing Dassler ran in the Berlin Olympic Games, won 7 gold medals, 5 bronze medals, breaking 2 World Records and 3 Olympic records.In 1948 the brothers contradictions separation, Rudolf Dassler ( Rudolf Dassler ) created the puma ( Puma ). Puma ( Puma ) the company was formally established, the first pair of football shoes was born PUMA ATOM.In 1952 the puma (Puma ) five is the world famous.In Sweden in 1958 World Cup, Brazil and Sweden ( Puma ) wearing cheap jordan shoes for men puma football boots for the championship, the advent of " runway " design.In 1962 the Brazil team only won again in Chile, Diego Bailey ( Pele ) and win the World Cup player, similarly is wearing puma shoes ( Puma ).In 1967 the puma (Puma ) NO.1 trademark was born, it is by the German famous cartoon artist Lutz Backes designed the puma.1968 -- " LOMA1968 " Puma (Puma ) sponsored by the Italy team to win the European Cup in Rome. At the same time, brother relationship between incompatible, do the opposite, and even wear two brand clothes people have estrangement.1970 in Mexico City, King Bailey ( Pele ) led the team to win the third world cup for Brazil! This time he wore the PUMA KING.In 1974 Holland 's Johannes Hendrikus Cruyff ( Johannes Hendrikus Cruijff ) ( Puma ) wearing puma boots at the world cup in Germany led the team won the runner-up, and obtain the best player award.In 1982 Dieg cheap jordans for sale o Armando Maradona ( Diego Armando Maradona ) ( Puma ) wearing puma shoes in their first appearance in the world cup. Amin Dassler invented the " PUMA DUOFILEX " at the end of.In 1984 Navratilova ( Martina Navratilova ) wearing puma ( Puma ) sports equipment to obtain fifth of its occupation career 9 Wimbledon champion.In 1986 Diego Armando Maradona ( Diego Armando Maradona ) in his famous "hand of God " to help the team won the world cup. The same year, puma puma ( Puma ) transition to Limited by Share Ltd.1993 American football players at the age of 30, Jochen Zeitz was appointed as the puma ( Puma ) CEO and chairman of the board of directors, which is a step in a long-term development plan.In 1998 the puma ( Puma ) into the Hollywood, investment in the film " city of angels ", " Shaolin Soccer ", " daredevil ", " Smith ", " scream ", " 2 " apple pie.Signed the famous German fashion design Retro jordans for sale er Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) the same year, the first set of fashion and sports as one of the sports brand. Sponsorship of Serena Williams the same year ( Serena Williams ) and became an official sponsor of sweater.1999 in California, followed by London, Rome, Tokyo, Boston, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Beijing "the place", the establishment of Sanlitun concept store.The signing in 2000 supermodel Christie Turlington ( Christy Turlington ) brand NUALA yoga products Nuala ( cloud ring ) endorsement. The same year the lion of Africa Cameroon wearing puma ( Puma ) new improved sleeveless T-shirt at the Africa Cup of nations. The same year, the official sponsor and Formula One racing field, Ferrari, BMW, Red Bull team 1, 2 Team Red bull.In 2001 the puma (Puma ) and a famous Japanese designer Miwara Yasuhiro ( Mihara Yasuhiro ) contract, the global sale of the fashion design offbeat, MY series features Cheap air jordans for sale " shoes ".In 2005, the signing of Michael Schumacher ( Michael Schumacher ), Philip Massa ( Felipe Massa ) and to provide the family daily life clothing. Italy shirt Puma and fashion master Neil Barrett design ( Puma ) became an official sponsor of the Italy national football team.In 2006 the puma ( Puma ) sponsored by the German World Cup Italy soccer team won the championship, World Cup in Germany during the puma ( Puma ) a total of 12 teams, and to provide service for the game. ( AD sponsored the 8 teams, NK sponsored 6 ), the same year, puma ( Puma ) launched a golf ( GOLF ) series.In 2007, PPR group has become the largest shareholder, puma ( Puma ) ( PR spring sales entity lived under the brand Gucci ( Gucci ), Alexander McCune ( Alexander McQueen ), Yves Saint Laurent ( YSL ) and other international brands ), also signed designer Alexander McQueen ( Alexander McQueen ) ( as Givenchy ( cheap foamposites Givenchy ) ), on behalf of " shark tooth ".In 2008 the puma (Puma ) to enter the race VOLVO, global 12 station, the last station is Qingdao of china.Puma ( Puma ) brand archives:Country: GermanyCreate age: 1948Founder: Rudolf Dassler ( Rudolf Dassler )Product categories: clothing, sports, sports shoes, bags[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike (stores) Mercurial Vapor IX is the world's fastest player in bringing performance innovation and highly explosive speed. Bring Nike high-speed ball-handling skills using upper and feel better friction to help the players to seize the moment to turn the tide. Nike Assassin nine generations In today's highly technical and fast-paced game, to defeat the enemy, and straight-line speed alone is no longer enough simply extraordinary. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX is not only the continuation of the performance of innovation as well as for speed-typ cheap jordans for sale mens e players tailor the characteristics of lightweight, while helping those who rely on quick change of direction and stop the outbreak of speed to win the players reach a new height. Mercurial Vapor IX with a new shoe that can provide extraordinary (stores) support and feel for the players to help the players at a critical moment full speed and skill to defeat the enemy. The uppers of the Nike brand new material, high-speed ball, optimization of friction and a more rapid response, so that the players in the high-speed running state confidence - all hallmarks of this is the Mercurial boots. High-speed ball groove design vamp provide necessary friction without sacrificing soft touch. Bonded uppers to prevent your feet in the shoes unnecessary movement. And simple soft heel to maximize comfort and performance of the players. Nike Innovation All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, to further enhance the performance; the technology is now being used in all of Nike shoes, to ensure that in wet or dry weather is to provide a consistent sense of ball players. For wear Mercurial Vapor IX and players known for its speed, the friction force is essential. Sole charge after the two foot spikes help quickly get rid of the grass, spike structural asymmetry design lets start more explosive then. Quick response spikes can cut turf, let the direction change occurs instantaneously, thereby changing the pace of the game. Mercurial Vapor IX unique lightweight sole consists of two separate glass fibers, to enhance the flexibility and speed of response, can provide more energy for the players in the fierce competition. Since the advent of more than ten years ago, Mercurial series has been dazzling. Its bold color and design, so that players can always wear it compelling. The new Vapor IX is no exception. Berry purple and orange sunset two color, will particularly eye-catching on the pitch. Both color of the shoes will accept reservations on January 18, and on January 31 landing and the world's major retail outlets. Nike "Assassin 9 on behalf of" boots Technical Analysis: grip: perfect grip designed to bring highly explosive speed 1. sole charge of the two studs help quickly get rid of foot turf, spike structural asymmetry design lets start more explosive then. Quick response spikes can cut turf, let the direction change occurs instantaneously, thereby changing the pace of the game. 2. lightweight sole consists of two separate glass fibers, can bring optimize flexibility and rapid response for the players in the fierce competition. Comfort: a perfect fit for support and stability upgrade 1. According to the natural shape of the feet using the V-12 shoe to ensure the player's speed. 2. Lightweight, soft, stretchable synthetic upper material perfectly fit the foot shape, to ensure quick response without sacrificing comfort premise. Upper locking techniques to prevent your feet in the shoes unnecessary movement. 3. simple, soft heel will comfort to the extreme. Touch: deadly combination of speed and skill 1. upper with high-speed ball groove design, providing the necessary friction without sacrificing soft touch. 2. uppers using Nike All Conditions Control (ACC all-weather ball) technology special treatment, whether in wet or dry weather, have maintained a consistent touch. 3. iconic Nike logo, the word first appeared in NIKE assassin series Footwear war itself. New Assassin nine generations sneakers provide berries purple and orange sunset two options. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)

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