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Dortmund and the United States Nike sponsorship contract will end at the end of the season, who will become the 2009/10 season, Dortmund sports equipment partners, which is now a big club Borussia Dortmund "secret", according to German media "Bild "reported that there are two candidates: the German domestic brand Puma (Puma) or the famous Italian brand Kappa (Kappa). "to the negotiations went very smoothly," Wa Cike Dortmund club general manager said, "a few weeks we will reach an agreement." Dortmund will be January 9, 2009 to the 17th in Spain Marbella training camp, the new brand of sports equipment when it will be launched. According to reports Puma possibility of winning in this competition more. Puma sports equipment is now partner of the Bundesliga team Stuttgart and Hoffenheim half champion new divi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo sion team, and one year ago Puma and Borussia Dortmund on a preliminary dialogue. Dortmund in 2003 and Nike signed a five-year contract, sponsorship amount of up to 30 million euros, an average of six million euros per year, but due to decline in Dortmund achievements and the impact of the current economic downturn, Nike is willing to pay for a new contract Sponsored gold less than three million euros a year. Nike's brand has been proposed by the Umbro (Umbro) took over, but did not get through, so Nike and Dortmund's fate will come to an end in the summer of 2009, but actually from Nike Kappa grab hands and Werder Bremen's contract, it is estimated that every year Nike Bremen brought gold around 3 million euros. Wa Cike reluctant to do too much on the issue of the discussion, but said the January, will nat cheap jordans for sale mens urally be the answer is revealed. It is estimated that the amount of Dortmund and new sponsors contracts probably between 2.5 million euros to 3 million euros per year.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; very smoothly Adidas became the official sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, and put the major competitors in the Chinese market, Nike showdown battle. Nike got the message to maintain the silence, they know that this time any action in response to Adidas, are equal to promote rival brand expansion from the front. make the brand experts puzzled Nike's cool performance is not a passive choice, but premeditated strategic choice. By common sense, Nike and Adidas competition sponsor should qualify, but people see is Chinese local brand Li Ning to compete in Nike fully taken sidelines stance. Obviously, Adidas Nike's senior ma cheap jordan shoes for men nagement is very disappointed with the performance of calm, in order to stimulate competition, they openly rejecting his nomination in the "Wall Street Journal", and their goal is to be ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Beyond Nike's share of the Chinese market. Adidas CEO Hainer said that in the next two years ??????? will become the market leader in China. face of such open provocation, Nike still refused to respond. They simply provided a transcript, Nike CEO Parker in a recent report that, in the past two years, Nike has more than doubled in the Chinese market, far ahead of the nearest competitor, and the gap is growing. The problem is not even bother to mention Nike, Adidas, they just say 'closest competitors. " It seems that Nike seems to be more proficient in the Chinese martial arts culture du Retro jordans for sale el secret, that is, when the two master blows, whoever moves, whoever first surprising flaws. Now, Adidas moves up, but had to wait the opponent's performance. In fact, brand experts around the world are Nike and other moves, everyone knows that nothing is more important than China's vast market arena, it is entirely foreseeable that this battle may be history of the most fierce brand war, who are losers in this market. For now, Adidas performance in the Chinese market is indeed better than Nike. Adidas 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to borrow big comeback fight before the Olympics to achieve beyond Nike's goal, it seems jeopardy. The experts generally agreed that the two brands of the contest is in the Olympic Games, they will like athletes struggling to compete for the Olympic podium. At that time, the Chin Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ese audience's attention focused on the gold medal, and the media repeatedly broadcast lens also will be on the podium. The frequency of the two brands logo appears, but also how many medals the athletes with their respective representatives to decide. But experts have found more likely to Nike-sponsored sports teams won the gold medal. Adidas easily choose to leave out the results of sports teams is not much. Especially the Adidas-sponsored Chinese soccer team, it is a double-edged sword, in this year's World Cup, Adidas has tasted this did not qualify for the team to bring the bitter taste. If the team in local operations is still not satisfactory, then, Adidas will have to endure their own brands and dejected image linked to adverse consequences, it is fear that adverse consequences, like Coca-Cola Phili cheap foamposites ps top brands such was decided to abandon the team. Of course, if the team on the basis of home advantage, made good record, Adidas might actually be able to get amazing returns.To celebrate James Harden has joined adidas, two days before this sports shoe giant was pulled wagons gave the new members to join the basketball, suddenly the event was spread throughout instagram, Twitter or even a circle of friends. & nbsp; anecdotal discussion Harden and his huge contract For a new club out of the 13-year $ 200 million contract, apart from some people say James Harden for pecuniary interest before switching to adidas embrace, do no see him still wearing Air in a few days before the entry into force of the new contract Jordan sneakers do? Like go like, in fact, at 13 years 200 million of this huge contract, or cheap jordans for sale may not wavering a. & nbsp; Harden personally interpret However, in the recent ESPN's visit to Harden, Harden would be for such rumors to the interpretation, in order to set the record straight. On "for anything I want something, I just speak on the line, they will accept my advice, I also have a strong voice, both in the design of my shoes, shirts and even various other brands of products: he said I can keep his own views in this for me and adidas for both an opportunity to grow along with each other, I am very pleased to have this opportunity, will grasp " & nbsp;.. It seems to Harden, perhaps even more important is his role in the new home of the East, as well as emphasis on his new owner, whether it is to send a vehicle earlier shoes, nor in sports product design mutual exchange worth mentioning, thi Retro jordans for sale s really depends on the joint partnership Harden got more recognition. & nbsp; On the basis of cooperation has been valued on the strength as an NBA superstar players, this & nbsp; 13-year 200 million contract can be said to be an affirmation of the player, turn the club for Harden is undoubtedly a win-win The results, and the current & nbsp; adidas company in the NBA can be considered a good thing in the field, as to how they should start, most people expect it should be & nbsp; Harden 1 available now!Nike Kobe is the most practical and cost-effective boots must belong to Nike Kobe Venomenon 4, this is the Kobe series for school field to build basketball shoes, durable materials to ensure the players can play at the highest level in the indoor and outdoor venues. Hyperfuse Flywire makes the shoes in the upp cheap jordans online er collocation can be guaranteed to remain stable under the premise of light. Phylon midsole forefoot Zoom Air cushion to ensure the collocation and start speed provides cushioning enough. The outer bottom using Blade Traction can provide enough grip in the indoor and outdoor venues. Recently, Nike again for the launch of this new black and red color, the body of the shoe by red as the main color, with black swoosh and inside, finally with pale green outsole. 1.jpg (38.01 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 3.jpg (41.48 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 2.jpg (38.6 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 4.jpg ( Cheap air jordans for sale 49.32 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 5.jpg (44.93 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 6.jpg (45.07 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 black and red color 2014-7-18 13:16 upload 2007 China shoes are international procurement festival held in Guangzhou today to promote, this is after Beijing, the procurement section of the series will promote the second station, according to the organizing committee, in October this year, the European footwear giants of Italy, Spain, more than 70% of the top shoe-making enterprises, including hundreds of Italy and Spain the top shoe companies, hundreds of well-known international brands, will participate in the Chengdu "2007 Chinese shoes are international procurement section". the international procurement Festival is the first time by the domestic shoe enterprises, buyers, international brands, exhibitors and buyers in full participation in the procurement event. It is reported that in early September the procurement section will be in Wenzhou, Shanghai held a seminar. ; build shoes enterprise trade channel Chengdu municipal government deputy secretary general Zheng Heping said that Italy and Spain are the traditional shoe-making powers, China shoe-making enterprises can take the initiative to help enterprises to open up the European shoe Chinese high-end market, while the European shoe can support China in low-end products into the local market, through cooperation to achieve mutual trade. it is understood that with the rise of Guangdong, Zhejiang and other eastern coastal areas of the cost of labor and resources, the transfer of production shoe trend in 3 years ago has appeared, only last year, there are more than 300 coastal shoe factory in Chengdu. Western Chengdu shoes are chairman Peng Jun said that Chengdu is not blindly accept the transfer of the eastern part of the footwear industry, to avoid a repeat of the eastern part of the footwear industry in the development of the emergence of low price brand light path, especially in Chengdu to undertake orders and factories in the process of technology transfer is realized at the same time, the city now has a total of more than 300 independent brands. top shoe enterprises aim at high-end market; it is reported that in July this year, the organizing committee has visited the procurement section of the kingdom of Italy and the shoe shoe-making power in Spain, will be united with Italy, Spain shoe Belcher amda famous Footwear Association and other local organizations to reach an agreement, Chinese active innovative ideas to help Europe develop high-end high-grade leather shoes in the domestic market, to win recognized by the Italy, Spain, in October this year held in Chengdu international procurement section, President of Venice BALLIN, Marche shoemaking enterprise level DINOBIGION, Wonders of Spain and other regions, will represent the top level of the world's footwear enterprises to come to the participants. it is learnt that this exhibition will set up an international brand zone for the establishment of Italy and Spain

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